Sunday, February 20, 2011

Open House

Yesterday I had my first Stampin Up! Open House.  I thought it went well for my first try.  I had about 10 people come and they all got to make a card - they were able to choose between the Build A Blossom card and this card to make:
Neither card outshined the other - about half the people made each one.  I added the sentiment later because now I need to sent this card to someone else : )
Now I am looking to start a card class, if you are in the East Texas area and would be interested in a card class please participate in my online survey.

More Valentine's Day

I forgot to show you these fun cards I made for people at school on Valentine's.  The first card I made for the administration at my campus and people that work in the office.  The inside says, "At least you'll get one thing done today."  Then I wrote, "Thanks for ALL you do."

I also made this card for a few of the teachers that I am good friends with, the inside of this one says, "I am that friend."  I attached each of the cards to a Hershey's bar.
These were created from the stamp set Eat Chocolate, it is available in our Occasions Mini catalog.  I loved this set but didn't want to invest in a set that I would only be able to "sell" for two more months.  This set was a door prize at my demonstrator meeting earlier this month and I won!!! I was so exicted I went home and created these cards!!! 

Valentine's cupcakes

It has been so long since I have posted - I am trying to catch up today!!!  School is getting so busy and I am a coach for Maps, Graphs & Charts for UIL.  So last Satuday I was at a UIL meet ALL DAY!!!  Yesterday I had an Open House to share a little bit about Stampin Up! with a few friends.  And next Saturday I have another UIL meet ALL DAY!!!   I just wanted to share a baking trick I learned for Valentine's day this year - you could use it for other occasions too! 
I copied the idea from this website:
I used a cake mix though - I was only able to get 12 cupcakes out of it.  But it was perfect for my family dinner, a few family members were unable to attend and I was left with the perfect number to share with my friends at lunch the next day!!!