Sunday, January 30, 2011

Decor Elements

Look what I made today:
I made this using Stampin' Up decor elements.  I received this T in my starter kit and have been waiting to use it.  I live in an apartment so I didn't want to put it on my wall.  I have had this idea for a little while but just had not gotten around to it.  It took less than an hour to make, including a trip to Wal-Mart for supplies.  I got this frame, fabric and ribbon from Wal-Mart all for less than $12.  I cut the fabric to cover the back part of the frame.  I just used packing tape to tape it back.  Once I had the fabric situated with no bubbles, I applied to T using the decor elements applicator tool.  It was pretty easy to apply - some parts I had to spend a little more time on - and I think applying it to fabric made it a little more difficult to apply.  They suggest pretty much any smooth, nontextured surface (painted walls, wallpaper, glass, metal, finished wood surfaces).  I just nailed the piece of ribbon to the back of the frame and hung it in our bathroom.  I was very pleased with the final results.

How could you use decor elements in your home?
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  3. This is really cute! Love it. Remember that even thou you are in an apartment the stampin up decals can go on your walls for they come off without leaving any marks :D Hugz n blessings.

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