Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stampin Up Cookies : )

Stampin' Up!'s newest product is an "old-fashioned" cookie press!  It comes with 3 different silicone toppers - so you can make cookies for different seasons.  I got mine in the mail yesterday and since today's Saturday I went to work.  It is so easy to use! 

First, you have to make cookies from scratch, which is more than I usually do, but wasn't too bad.  It comes with two basic recipes.  I even had all the ingredients at my house!!!!  If you knew how often I really cook you would know how impressive that is. 

I added a step by using food coloring, and since I wanted 3 different colors for my cookies, I divided the dough into thirds. 

I made the first batch orange for the pumpkins!
Then I made a red batch for the hearts....these are perfect for Valentine's or a wedding shower or just for your special someone.

Finally I did a blue batch for the snowflakes.
All you have to do is divide the dough into 16 equal size balls.  Then you just "stamp" them with the cookie press!  You just push until the cookie starts coming out around all the edges.  Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps go on sale October 1st and they're only $16.95, even if you don't bake they'd make the perfect gift for someone that does!!!

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